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Link Love is Brand Building

Posted on: November 5, 2008

Traditional media outlets on the web are notorious for not providing link love. They simply post the content from print to the web with no annotation, link or way for readers to learn more or examine the sources. Even articles they write about technology or websites are devoid of links. Sure, they’ll put the address in the article, but the link won’t be active.

They build a fortress around their content. The only links allowed keep visitors within the garden through the nav bar, or take them off to buy soap and shampoo through sponsors. This is no way to build loyalty, trust or respect from your audience.

For more on this concept, check out the post Getting Credit for Word of Mouth.

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1 Response to "Link Love is Brand Building"

The Globe does this all the time and it makes me crazy. They’ll post a story about a viral video, a new website, or reveal that a link is a HUGE part of the story and then never provide the link. To me, it’s basically begging your audience to leave your site.

If you provide the link, they can quickly open it in another tab or window, get the info they need and come back to you. (Plus, I’m grateful to them for providing the link, earning goodwill…)

If you don’t provide the link, I’m off to Google or YouTube and you’ve lost me.

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