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Content As A Marketing Cost

Posted on: November 3, 2008

Too many media outlets worry about monetizing their content instead of looking at it as a marketing tool.

Instead of taking your content creation budget from programming, and trying to recoup it by monetizing the content, take the money from marketing.

Your results will be then measured by the amount of goodwill and brand loyalty and awareness you create, as opposed to the number of clicks you get.

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1 Response to "Content As A Marketing Cost"

Hey Buzz,

You’re bang on about the amazing brand value created with smart web content. Plus, you can’t monetize something until you actually HAVE a decent-sized audience and it takes great content to find that audience.

The only flag with budgeting it as a marketing expense – and it’s a BIG flag- is that when marketing pays for it, suddenly your content is controlled by marketing and ends up being less ‘content’ and more ‘ads for traditional media.’ (ie: the front page of the media company’s site becomes an ad for TV or Radio programming and not a web-centric experience for new audiences).

Just wrote about something similar to this last week:


Love that you’re writing about this stuff! Keep it up…


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