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How to Beat Ryan Seacrest

Posted on: July 1, 2008

Ryan Seacrest took his Los Angeles morning show nation wide today, but it’s not a syndicated morning show – it’s just a show. Seacrest does AM in the West, making it midday in the east, so the show is edited and repackaged for late middays or pm drive across the country. It’s brilliant, you take Seacrest’s brand power, and repackage it.

Sean Ross of Edison Research has an excellent blow-by-blow review of Seacrest’s first day. Go ahead and read it, but it’s the last paragraph that’s the most important. It’s all about how to beat Seacrest.

Being up against national celebrities is not in itself a game-ender, but it does put the onus on making sure every break is a monster, every caller is compelling, and that a station’s localism and its own stationality is as well used as possible. I wouldn’t fool myself that any local content automatically trumps national starpower. But I’d be working very hard to find those things that might. [Edison]

That advice is perfect for any jock, any pd, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re up against Ryan Seacrest, or Howard Stern, or an iPod, that advice is the bare bones of how to do a successful radio show.

I can talk about social media and networking and using the web to market your brand, but the basics still matter. You can sizzle all you want, but if the listeners don’t find steak they’re gone.

Go ahead, read it again – and get it done.


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