Old Media. New Tricks.

You’re One Step Ahead

Posted on: June 24, 2008

Even if you have no grasp whatsoever of the concepts of social media and how they can work for you, you’re one step ahead.  You’re here.  You’re trying.  You’re learning.

Your audience, on the other hand, are miles behind even you.  Which is why you have time.

Mainstream media is skewered for dumbing down the news.  Unfortunately we have to, we’re broadcasting, not narrowcasting and to catch that cume, you’ve got to dumb it down.

The internet can preach to a niche, or chase that long tail because their are economies to be found in those areas, but when it comes to MSM, you just have to cast the biggest net to scoop the most fish, regardless of size, shape, colour or texture.

What’s the easiest way to capture more visitors?

If you’re smart, you’ll know that “dumbing down” is a simple solution.

Why? Because the average adult reads at an eighth-grade level (by US stats).

And according to usability guru Jakob Nielsen, 30 percent of web users have a low level of literacy—with that number rising fast.

That means three out of 10 users will bounce if your words are too brainy. So what sets low-literacy users apart?

For starters, they actually read content rather than merely scanning it. They have to, because they need time to make sense of wording.

They also skip large text blocks and hate scrolling even more than higher-literacy users. So they may miss important information that’s buried. [one degree]

So, yes, a lot of people are using Twitter, or Facebook, or FriendFeed or LinkedIn,  but even more have no idea what you’re talking about.  They’ll catch up, eventually, but this is your chance to better bait the hook.

You’re here, you’re trying to learn about the tools to better communicate and interact with your audience.  When you grab on to them, the early adopters will jump in, then they will start the chorus and spread your message.  It will take a while to trickle down, and while it won’t trickle all the way through, you will get enough of a bump to make it worth the effort.

catch the buzz … pass it on.


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