Old Media. New Tricks.

What’s In It For Me?

Posted on: June 19, 2008

I just ran an idea past our promotions director where we should encourage our listeners to post to our Facebook page, or a website wall all the places they hear 95Crave played.

You know, give some love to the post offices, drug stores, sandwich shops and offices who listen to us all day long.

He liked the idea, but responded with something very old media – “How do we monetize it for the participants?” In other words, what sort of bait do we have to give people to participate?

That’s the sort of old media thinking that is getting the industry into trouble.  On the radio we constantly give away prizes for participation, it’s the way the model has worked since the beginning.  From movie passes for trivia answers to a few bucks for a ratings survey – we’re all about rewarding.

But that’s not how the new media world works.  It’s much more philanthropic.  People do things because they want to – not because they have to.

If you want your message to spread via new media, you just have to give your audience the tools to spread it – they’ll figure out how to do the rest.

So a wall, or a place that says “I heard 95Crave!” is all you need.

If you build it, they will post.

catch the buzz… pass it on.


1 Response to "What’s In It For Me?"

You’re so mean to me.

Phil Evans
Promotion Director
95 Crave

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