Old Media. New Tricks.

Will New Media Ever Work for Old Media?

Posted on: June 18, 2008

Last night’s Third Tuesday event featured a presentation on how charities and causes can take advantage of social networking, widgets and new media opportunities.

The recurring theme was how these grass roots efforts spread virally.  People get concerned about a cause and spread the message through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Halfway through, Tod Maffin piped up “But how can it work for companies, or corporations?”

That was something bubbling in my brain the entire hour.  New media and social campaigns work because they’re inherently organic.  As Joe said last night, “You have to give your voice to the people and trust they’ll be true to your message.”

So how can a broadcasting company take advantage of social networking?  If it comes top down, the users smell the bullshit and move on.

You have to give your users the tools to spread your message, and you have to give them a message worth spreading and becoming passionate about.

The “Whoever gets the most friends on Facebook wins $5000” contests were interesting attempts at using the viral message to spread brand awareness, until Facebook shut the contests down because of spamming.

Those contests got the listeners to buy in and get behind the movement and spread the message.  The audience has shown us they will spread our message, if we give them one to spread.

So… what are you giving your audience to do for you today?  What great bit did you do on the radio?  What video did you create for YouTube?  What did you Twitter?

catch the buzz… pass it on.


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